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VocatEd has been created so that all schools can advertise any job completely free.

Our aim is to save schools in the UK over £100 million each year by reducing advertising costs to £0.

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Why VocatEd?

Imagine a scenario where your advertising expenditure could be re-invested in your school... Let's make it a reality!

The purpose of VocatEd is to provide your school with a safe and easy way to manage recruitment COMPLETELY FREE.

  • Advertise job vacancies when it suits you
  • Register once and start creating job adverts today
  • Outstanding support
  • Free up precious budget to spend on what really matters - Supporting your drive for excellence in teaching and learning

The Story

In 2015 two educators read the same article on teacher recruitment in schools…

It cited how, during the previous year, UK schools had spent over £85 million on recruitment – they were horrified… Together with some like-minded professionals they embarked on a project to make this figure £0.

For years now, schools and colleges have found themselves in a position where they have no option but to spend a significant portion of their budget on advertising jobs. This is a scandal. Public money that, if appropriately redirected, could fund any one of the following:

  • 50 new primary schools
  • 2% pay rise for teachers
  • 4500 more NQT’s

While we’re not in a position to tell schools how to manage expenditure, it seems clear that something has gone badly wrong. From a social justice perspective, surely budgets should be spent on things that matter to pupils’ education. At VocatEd we have the solution! By joining the VocatEd community, not only will your school save thousands of pounds but you will be helping to create a movement that will have seismic impact on standards.