VocatEd - Press Release.

A new web platform is set to save schools over £100million a year.

A group of educators and developers have researched and developed a brand new approach to recruitment advertising in the Education sector.

VocatEd is a state of the art web platform and mobile app where schools and teachers take total control of the recruitment process and what’s most surprising – it’s absolutely FREE!

Amidst the ongoing struggle with recruitment and retention in Education there has been a growing concern from the DfE, head teachers and governors about the ever escalating costs in posting advertisements for jobs on existing websites and publications.

A recent article in The Guardian reported:

‘A freedom of information request to a sample group of schools found that the average spend on advertising to fill teaching vacancies in 2014-15 was just under £17,000 – up from £10,000 four years ago.

Some individual schools revealed they were spending up to £80,000 a year on advertising, straining already overstretched school budgets as headteachers grapple with an estimated 8% real-terms cut in education spending.’ Guardian, Sally Weale Education correspondent Tuesday 26 July 2016

Former Assistant Headteacher and co-founder of VocatEd Steve Howse says;

A common question we get is Why and How is it FREE? Our answer is simple – Because it should be! With the cloud based technology available today it’s absurd that we are wasting colossal sums of school budgets on this kind of activity. We feel the launch of VocatEd couldn’t come at a better time. Nearly all of the schools we work with talk of their increasing difficulty in maintaining standards at the same time as budgets being slashed. We know that by all schools getting involved in VocatEd – it will transform education recruitment and release massive amounts of funding back into resourcing things that really do impact on outcomes.’

Former teacher and co-founder Anthony McBride added,

‘VocatEd is already successful but we want it all to happen quicker for obvious reasons. We need all Headteachers, bursars and schools to join the community as soon as possible. They can post their jobs on VocatEd.co.uk for as long as they like and access the marketplace of teachers looking for positions through our mobile app. VocatEd will always be FREE to everyone, schools and end users alike, the speed of it’s success however will be driven by how quickly schools and teachers get involved……. I suppose it’s a rallying call to the whole education system to become part of a very social movement’

VocatEd has been launched across the whole of the UK. Schools can get ahead of the game now by registering for an account at VocatEd.co.uk and teachers can download the VocatEd free mobile app or use the platform.