The Folkestone School for Girls


Location Kent
Phase Secondary
Gender Female
Age Range 11-18

About The Folkestone School for Girls

It’s not just a school.
It’s not just a circle of friends or a social network.
It’s a global family,
a fountain of knowledge,
a pearl of wisdom,
a spark of genius,
It’s questions to ask
and a quest for answers.
It’s not just an essay, an equation, an experiment, an exercise, 
a heated debate or a point of principle. 
It’s not just qualifications. 
It’s a tent to pitch, a stage to fill, a wall to scale, a trail to master,
It’s the keys to the door, a broader experience, a wider perspective, an international outlook.
It’s not just the classroom, the concert hall, the sports field. 
It’s life’s rich tapestry. 
It’s an adventure, an expedition, an opportunity,
It’s an empty book, a blank page, a loaded pen.
It’s a new chapter. Write it.
It’s a new journey. Live it.

The Folkestone School for Girls is driven by the unshakeable belief that exam results are what you get; they do not define who you are and will play only a part in shaping the person you become. Our academic curriculum therefore is only a part of what we do! We want all girls to have the opportunity to explore and excel, to learn and to grow - not only in the classroom but beyond it. Alongside our unique personal development and character education programme, the FSGBacc, our international outlook is also at the heart of what we do and equally vital to our ethos; we want our girls to know that as human beings there is much more that unites us than divides us. We believe that our curriculum should not just interest and inspire the girls, not just reflect and respond and be relevant to the world we live in but that we need to be much more ambitious; that the curriculum we teach should help to change the world for the better: a curriculum that teaches our girls to value themselves, value each other, value the world we live in and the world around them. A curriculum for values. A curriculum for empathy. A curriculum for wisdom. A curriculum to change their world. A curriculum to change the world.

Our ambition for our school is to be the best in the world; nothing less. To be world leading and world changing; to know the whole child/every child and have a curriculum which develops the whole child/every child.

Our ambition for our girls is that they leave us after seven years well qualified and well rounded; intellect and character. They will feel ten feet tall, be bold and spectacular. They will have the knowledge, the skills, the drive, the courage, the wisdom, the optimism and the values to change the world for the better.

Intellect & character. This is our curriculum. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. We are extremely proud of it.

Come join us.

Vacancies at The Folkestone School for Girls

Closing on 31 August 2023
Science Technician
Closing on 5 June 2022
Learning Support Supervisor
Closing on 5 June 2022


The Folkestone School for Girls
Coolinge Lane
CT20 3RB

Headteacher: Mark Lester